The 5 Best Winter Covers for Your Car

Severe winter weather conditions do not only harm humans and animals, but also your car. Given this, it is normal for us humans, like some animals, to protect ourselves and our dear ones during the winter. With our cars it is no different, and when it comes to that, there are several tents, covers and windshield protectors on the market to fulfill this need. However, given the many options available in the market, how to know which one is the most appropriate? In this position we will present the 5 best covers to protect your car from winter. As you finish reading this post, you will understand which product offers better protection against snow and hail.

1, OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Automotive Cover

This semi-custom car s10 cover was created with the intention of protecting your car against strong winds, snow and hail. It was designed to be used primarily in sedans. Hence, it is not the best option when it comes to other car models like minivans and SUVs, for example. This cover is made of an oxford waterproof fabric with 7 layers of protection, which also offers good protection against dust and ultraviolet rays. In addition, it can be easily transported when folded.

2, XCAR XGuard Indoor / Outdoor Car Cover

This is another option when it comes to winter car covers. It is made with a waterproof-breathable fabric that provides a good exchange and circulation of air. So in addition to protecting your car from ultraviolet rays, it also helps to fight the moisture on the surface of your car by promoting greater evaporation. Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back.Printed with water-resistant ink that will not fade or run. That means you can confidently rely on this cover when it comes to protecting your car during the winter.

3, XCAR OverDrivePolyPro Car Cover

The XCarOverDrivePolyPro Car Cover is a car cover designed for winter use. It serves to protect your car against UV rays, rain and excess moisture. One peculiarity of this cover is that it is not made of fabric, but rather of a polypropylene. It is available in three sizes, making it easy to find the right cover for your car. The OverDrivePolyPro case is ideal for sedans if you have a good choice. However, its use is more indicated in the summer than in the winter itself, as this cover is not able to withstand the severe winter weather for a long time. You can find this cover easily, both in stores and online.

4, Budge Car Cover – Lightweight Version

This cover is made from a single layer and was designed to provide just a simple and basic protection for your car. It is available in 5 sizes and can be purchased at an affordable price. The wide variety of sizes allows you to use this cover on vehicles of various models like vans, sedans, SUVs, vans and vans. However, this car cover does not prove capable of withstanding the harsh winter weather. This is due to the fact that it is made of a single layer.

5, Parachute Guard for Snow – SnowOFF

If you’re looking for a good snow-capped windshield, the SnowOFF windshield is a good choice. It is the ideal option when it comes to making it easy to remove the ice / snow from your car’s windshield. It has been especially developed to provide optimum protection for your car’s windshield against snow and other in the winter. In addition to the 5 Best Winter Car Covers mentioned above, there is a new, extremely innovative alternative when it comes to protecting your car from winter. This alternative is able to guarantee total protection for your car against hail / snow and other inclement weather. We are talking about the Lanmodo automotive tent, a new option that you should not leave aside when it comes to choosing a product to protect your car. It has unique features that you can not find, for example, in other products such as car covers mentioned above. Among the features that make the Lando automotive tent, better than any car cover available in the market, we can highlight the solid structure in fiberglass and the oxford fabric coating 100% waterproof and dustproof. In addition, it can be operated automatically through remote control and features that make it multi-purpose.

6 Tips To Keep Your Car With Flawless Paint

Keeping your car with flawless paint is more important than you think. Not for ego reasons, showing everyone how beautiful your vehicle is and you take good care of it, but for financial reasons. When it comes to selling, a car with scratched and poorly cared paint may weigh in resale value. And repaint may not be a good one. If you get a workshop that does a poor job, the price may drop even more. So it pays to take some care and keep your car brand new. Check out our 6 tips to keep the painting as if it had just left the factory.

1º – Cleaning Care

One of the most common mistakes that causes paint damage happens when washing the car. Even some washers fail in the procedure and in the use of materials, such as starting washing underneath. Depending on the state, the bushing can pick up the dirt from the mudguard by scratching the paint from the rest of the car. Follow our tips on how to wash the car with little water , always using a suitable shampoo and microfiber cloths. Wash the car in the shade and with the cold body, as the heat will dry and stain the paint . Avoid household products, such as detergents, because they contain pH and chemical components that are not suitable for use in cars.

2nd – Spend a little with a good wax

Waxing the car may seem like something that cares too much about your cock. However, it is something you should do as well. The wax protects the vehicle from the sun’s UV rays , something very important considering the sun it makes in Brazil and the period when it leaves your car parked in the open air. Currently, although automotive paint is more prepared to withstand the heat, there is a limit. Spend a little more money and keep the car waxed. A good professional wax can protect from six months to a year.

3º – Rain bath is bad

Everyone has already left the car outside the garage to take a shower and save a little on the wash. Bad idea. The water will dry on the paint, forming spots . At first, this is only the protective waxing layer. However, if recurring, you can begin to go through the protection and stain the surface level of the paint varnish.

4th – But also do not leave dirty

Wash the car. Doing a good cleaning is not only a matter of beauty, but it also protects the car. Accumulated and excessive dust deteriorates the paint and rubbers of your car . The dirtier it gets, the more urgent it is to clean. If you return from the beach or from a place with mud, it is worth taking in a good car wash to clean the car underneath to avoid rusting the parts.

5th – Staying under a tree is bad

In a hot country like Brazil, the shade of a tree is a blessing. Except for cars. Trees can release sap , which gets impregnated in the paint and is very difficult to take away – in some cases, only with a new polish and waxing. Not counting the risk of a gain falling and, depending on the wood and the size of the branch, can damage not only the paint but how to knead the bodywork. The trees represent another danger: birds. Bird feces have a corrosive substance that breaks down the car’s varnish and paint . Stool should be taken out as soon as possible. If it is not possible, throw plenty of water and try to remove it with care. If it does not work, the way will be to appeal to a layer of wax. Some recommend the use of well diluted lemon. It is a risky thing that can further damage the painting.

6º – Avoid layers

Covers may seem like a good idea to protect your car, but overuse can scratch paint when removing and placing . The ideal use is to protect the vehicle if it is to be stopped for a long time . If you keep running with your car every day, avoid using them, even if they are good materials like cotton. What’s more, keeping the car covered for too long without preparation can generate moisture, which can cause damage to the vehicle. Did car stop in the garage for a long time? Learn how to take care of it Leaving a car stuck in the garage may be unavoidable. However, do not just park and forget. There is a correct procedure. It is necessary to prepare the car for this period and to take some precautions on the day that it is to be used again, to avoid any defect caused by the time without moving. Learn what needs to be done to keep your vehicle in shape. One of the most common mistakes when leaving a car stuck in the garage is to forget about taking the fuel out of the tank . If gasoline is inactive for a long time, it begins to form a kind of ooze that clogs the filters, clogging the injectors and, in the case of the older ones, the carburetors. The same goes for ethanol, although it takes longer. If you still want to leave some fuel in the tank, add extra gasoline as it has a longer life. If your car still has the starting kit in the cold, do not forget to empty it as well.

When the oil stays in a car for a long time, it begins to curdle, losing its lubricity characteristics. Before putting your vehicle in the garage, take it to replace the engine oil, brake fluid, and filter. Check that the reservoir cover is tightly closed to prevent moisture from entering. If you want to stop the car for a long time, like a year or two, look for an oil with no additive. When you reattach the vehicle, replace the oil again if you have been standing still for more than 3 months and drive slowly, just as you would a car in the cold, to allow time for the oil to circulate again throughout the system. The weight of the car presses the tires at all times, even with it stopped. Even without turning, they slowly empty. If you are to stay up to 90 days off, refer to the manual and set the maximum recommended pressure, enough to keep your tires at a safe limit. Above that, the weight can begin to flatten the tires until they deform them. So if the stopped period is over 90 days, place the car on an easel. Even when we turn off the car, the battery charge continues to be consumed by some electrical equipment inside the vehicle, such as the alarm, the tracker or some light. Therefore, disconnect the battery to prevent it from continuing to charge during this time. Another common mistake is to forget the windshield wipers. The rubber, when stopped for a long time, begins to melt slightly and stick (just as the rubber band around documents for a long time). Remove the cleaners and store them in a warm place. If you are in a safe place, you can just keep them away from the glass. If you do not have another way, wrap them with a piece of plastic film.